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Nutrition Values of Ceylon True Cinnamon

Posted by Administrator on 8/28/2015 to Ceylon True Cinnamon

Every human body extremely needs nutrients to get active, fresh, healthful and energetic. Good macronutrients like carbohydrates tend to give you enough energy to work properly. The longing wants of micronutrients, (mineral and vitamins) enable chemical reactions to occur at the fast pace. Likewise, proteins and fats are equally important to supply energy to the body.

Spices are highly consumed due to diversified health benefits and most importantly, the nutrient facts and values. Among the oldest and most popular spices, Ceylon Cinnamon is a warm, distinctive and pungent spice, highly used for flavoring and medical properties. Ceylon cinnamon is widely known as Ceylon True Cinnamon or Real Ceylon Cinnamon. Further, the scientific name is Cinnamon Verum.

Why Spices Are Good For You

Posted by Administrator on 8/20/2015 to Spices

Are Spices good for youThe feeling of riding a roller coaster somehow gives you similar thrilling pleasure when you eat a bite of spicy meal. True pleasure is in enjoying zest of life.

Hot and spicy foods are never meant to harm you; Get yourself away from longing myth that says spicy food be the reason to infuriate ulcers and several stomach disorders.

Many researches have concluded with extensively outstanding benefits of eating spicy foods. Did you know that ? You can actually prevent the gastric damage by eating red chili peppers. Yes, that’s true.

An author of Indian Super spices, Mr. Gurpareet Bains said, “Spices are the most anti-oxidizing foods on the planet, they’re very powerful foods”.

How spices can be good for you ?

Hot spices like green chili, red peppers, capsicum, jalapeno pepper are extensively rich in vitamins A and C, in addition with calcium and nutrients. Better not miss a chance to grab spices next time!

Let’s talk about amazing health benefits of eating spicy foods.

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