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Why Spices Are Good For You

Posted by Administrator on 8/20/2015 to Spices

Are Spices good for you The feeling of riding a roller coaster somehow gives you similar thrilling pleasure when you eat a bite of spicy meal. True pleasure is in enjoying zest of life.

Hot and spicy foods are never meant to harm you; Get yourself away from longing myth that says spicy food be the reason to infuriate ulcers and several stomach disorders.

Many researches have concluded with extensively outstanding benefits of eating spicy foods. Did you know that ? You can actually prevent the gastric damage by eating red chili peppers. Yes, that’s true.

An author of Indian Super spices, Mr. Gurpareet Bains said, “Spices are the most anti-oxidizing foods on the planet, they’re very powerful foods”.

How spices can be good for you ?

Hot spices like green chili, red peppers, capsicum, jalapeno pepper are extensively rich in vitamins A and C, in addition with calcium and nutrients. Better not miss a chance to grab spices next time!

Let’s talk about amazing health benefits of eating spicy foods.

Weight Loss - Stop your diet research, we have a delicious solution. International Research studies have shown that use of red peppers increases metabolism, which in result is highly effective in burning calories. Try some chopped jalapeno in a cheese burger to make it more palatable and the hot spices becomes the effective reason to control your weight.

Treatment of diabetes - A study resulted that continuous use of spices in the foods lessen insulin requirement in a body. Amazing! Hot spices can also provide magical strength to prevent diabetes.

Cardiovascular diseases - It is critical matter of heart. Some evidences conclude that use of hot chilies can lessen the risk of heart disorders. Cultures where spicy food is mostly consumed are less likely to get heart attacks and strokes because presence of capsicum, in the red peppers, fight inflammations and is also helpful in reducing bad cholesterol level in the body.

Prevention from cancer - More good news. A study in the United Kingdom resulted that capsicum has the potential to kill lung and pancreatic cancer cells. One of the special spice, turmeric, is also beneficial in slowing the spread of cancer and prevents the growth of tumor in the affected part of a body.

Controlled blood pressure - High blood pressure can be the prominent reason in giving birth to many health ailments. The heating effect, produced by eating hot and spicy food, speeds up the flow of blood, which is a good indicator.

It may not surprise you further that addition of spices in foods give a good, healthy and balanced diet plan.

You might feel little sensation or burning inside initially while eating spices but let me tell you it is not harmful until it is eaten in moderation.

A friendly advice is to use ginger at meals to improve the digestive system and of course, it gives a pleasing taste.

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