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Crushed Red Pepper Chili Flakes in 4oz Bag

Part Number CHL-FLK-B4
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Crushed Red Pepper Chili Flakes in 4oz Bag
Crushed Red Pepper Chili Flakes in 4oz Bag
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Crushed Red Pepper Chili Flakes 

Also Known As: Ground Red Pepper, Chile Pepper or Cayenne Pepper. 

Origin: India

Ingredients: Crushed Red Pepper Flakes Taste and Aroma: Hot! 

Uses: Pizza, pasta, salads, sauces and casseroles. 

Crushed red pepper  flakes are made from hot dried red peppers and is not made of one type of chili, but from various combinations of ancho, bell, cayenne and other dried red peppers.  

Crushed red pepper shakers have become as standard as salt and pepper on tables at Italian style restaurants and especially pizza parlors in the United States. Often there is a high ratio of seeds, which some people believe intensifies the heat of this flavorful condiment, whereas the heat actually comes from the vein of the pepper (pith) (off of which the seeds grow).
Crushed red pepper is used in pickling, chowders, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, soups andsausage. As chilis have become more popular, the varieties of peppers used to make crushed red pepper have also changed. 

Our Crushed Red Pepper Flakes are Imported from India and Packed in USA.

  • This item is packed in a Stand up Zip Pouch Bags, this makes it easy to store, keeps tea fresh after opening and convenient to use.
  • This item will be shipped using USPS First Class mail.