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Ceylon True Cinnamon - Yeast infection fighter

Posted by Administrator on 10/5/2015 to Ceylon True Cinnamon

The powerful Ceylon True Cinnamon is an amazing cure to treat Candida Yeast infection. But, what is yeast infection?

Yeast Infection Facts

Before we determine the magical benefits of anti-fungal properties, contained by Ceylon True Cinnamon, it is essential to mention the causes and facts about yeast infection.

Yeast infection is very common disorders that may affect almost 70% of women. Studies have concluded that candida albicans is the organism that causes the yeast infection. It is also said that diabetic patient have strong chances to develop this particular infection.

You might be wondering, where does it develop?

We normally get affected with the yeast infection on several parts of the body and are called by specific names. It can cause you severe irritation and the affected person may have symptoms of thrush, Acne, brain fog, eczema and red scratches on the folding of skin. It mainly occurs in genital areas of mostly women.

Why Do Yeast Infection Occur?

In many cases, weak immune system is the reason of developing an infection. Many times, excessive intake of antibiotic treatments destroy the good bacteria in the body and worsen the candida infection.

However, medications, poor health conditions, and several lifestyle factors can also cause the risk of having a yeast infection.

The Research Evidence for using Ceylon True Cinnamon as Yeast Infection Fighter

The medicinal use of Ceylon True Cinnamon fits to fight candida yeast infection as it has ultra low levels (0.04%) of couramin. In order to treat Candida, Ceylon True Cinnamon is the best effective option, which is practical, easy to make and cost-effective.

A study was conducted to examine the major health concerns caused by hospital-acquired infections and antibiotic-resistance bacteria. It resulted that Ceylon True Cinnamon oil is highly effective to treat candida and is among top 3 treatment oil.

Several bacterial and yeast isolates were tested to examine their susceptibility for Eucalyptus. It also found that Ceylon True Cinnamon is effective against two strains of candida, C orthopedics, and C para psilosis.

In many cases, an overdose of antibiotic weakens the immune system, which often gives birth to infection.

Another study proved that Ceylon True Cinnamon oil is found to be beneficial against three strains of candida, Candida albicans, Candida Tropicals and Candida Crusei.

A Chinese research was conducted in the year 2012. It followed 60 patients, suffering from intestinal Candida. The patients had already been medicated with heavy dose antibiotics and were also affected from digestive problems. Then, their treatment criteria were transformed into a capsule, having Ceylon True Cinnamon oil and Pogostemon oil (an Asian herb). You won’t believe, it brought amazing results… Just after a short period of 14 days, 72% of the patients were candida-free and the remaining 28% observed a great reduction in their infection.

More modern research should be done to analyze the effect of Ceylon True Cinnamon on yeast infection; but so far, all the findings are in favor to use Ceylon True Cinnamon to treat candida infection. It is thus found to be an anti-fungal agent.

In view to fighting yeast infection, here are few ways to intake Ceylon True Cinnamon.

  • Ceylon True Cinnamon Tea 

  • Ceylon True Cinnamon Leaf Oil 

  • Ceylon True Cinnamon Sticks

Important: One should not take Ceylon True  Cinnamon leaf oil and Ceylon True Cinnamon bark oil for internal purposes as these oils are only made under professionals. Trust a good seller and enjoy the outstanding benefits of this spice.

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